Voeren - pure and untouched

The Voeren landscape is special and surprisingly varied: a mosaic of hills interspersed with valleys, wooded areas through pastures and dry dales through winding rivers. The highest point of Flanders? You can find that in the Voerstreek. Our campsite is therefore the highest campsite. Maximum height in Voeren is no less than 287.5 meters above sea level!

In this beautiful area you will then find plenty of special flora and fauna. Hazel mouse, badger, lynx, red kite and much more can all be found in Voeren!

Because the campsite is in the middle of the euregio, the possibilities are enormous. Below you will find a number of links to initially:

  • the various tourist services in the region (you can easily search for day trips, restaurants, etc.)
  • the nearest cities with their own tourist site
  • big events to do in the region (certainly not a complete list!)